Who is she?!

Since a few weeks, there is this new face walking around at Cultural Club Przegorzały. This face seems not to be able to speak and she is sneaky taking pictures of you, which results in your face popping up on Facebook. Who is this person?

Surprise, surprise: this new face is mine!
Who am I?
My name is Iris Lindeboom, I am 24 years old and was born in the Netherlands. I have studied Public Administration in the Netherlands and in Slovenia, and before I even started to work in the public administrative sector, I decided to take a career switch into the cultural sector, here in Poland. I grew up at the countryside of the Netherlands which possibly contributed to my love for nature. Furthermore, I am interested in cooking, art, politics, societies and their cultures, and of course in traveling. Georgia and a trip through the whole African continent are on top of my list at the moment, but this list changes regularly.

What do I do?
From October 2016 until the first of August 2017 I will be an EVS-volunteer in Cultural Club Przegorzały. I will give the Club an even more international orientation through organizing  cultural events and giving citizens of Cracow the possibility to practice Dutch and English with me. In the future I hope to give art classes as well but for that I need to work on my Polish first.
What is EVS?
EVS stands for European Voluntary Service. EVS is a program of the European Commission that aims to fight youth unemployment and increase intercultural understanding of the volunteer and of the community where this volunteer is working. EVS is meant to increase the solidarity, tolerance and respect among European citizens (and partner countries). EVS is for European citizens (and citizens of partner countries) with an age between 17-30 years. Almost all your expenses will be covered by the European Commission. For more information, check out this factsheet.

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